Create Transfer

Enter the currency you want to send along with the currency you will pay us and the amounts. We will display a live rate and clearly state when your money will be sent. Click to Accept. 

Send Your Money

After you have completed your transaction we will provide our bank account details for you to send the currency you have sold. We will notify you in real time once we receive your funds. 

We pay your recipient

Once your funds are receipted we will make payment on the same day to your specified recipient’s bank account. In most cases we use local payment systems ensuring bank fees for payee are reduced or zero. 

Exchange and transfer currency at live rates

Exchange currencies and organize international payments in one easy step, online twenty-four hours a day. 

  • Generate real time, competitive rates for your transfer

  • Clearly view total amount including fees before you accept.

  • Specify saved accounts where you want us to send your funds or add new accounts.

  • Rates update in real time as the currency market updates.

  • See the date your funds will be received.

Easily add payee information

Add, store and edit all your receipient details. With validation in real time be assured you are adding the required bank details. 

  • Add, edit or remove people and companies you wish to pay.

  • View complete payment history for all your payees.

  • Automatically notify payees of sent payments by adding their email.

  • Generate confirmations manually and send to your payees.

  • Rest assured you are adding the correct information with real time validation.

All your rates, accounts and recipient information in one place.

The currency dashboard gives you a real time, complete overview of everything you require to process your currency transactions and international payments. 

  • Specify your favorite rates and view real time exchange rates.

  • Your news feed keeps you up to date with everything that has been processed.

  • View history of transactions, receipts and international payments.

  • View upcoming or pending events on your account.

  • Quickly access your past currency quotes and re-quote with one click.

  • View and manage all your recipients and payees or add new payees.

  • View and manage all your open currency limit orders.

Quickly view history and generate notifications.

All currency transactions, payments and recepits along with account balances are stored and available for you at anytime. 

  • View currency transactions, generate confirmations and send.

  • View live status of all your currency transactions.

  • Access payments made and send confirmations to payees.

  • View receipts due and paid along with any balances owing.

  • Export your complete account history currency by currency.

Request a better rate, relax and let us manage this for you

Limit orders give you the ability to specificy a better rate than the current market rate to transact your currency at. We then monitor this for you twenty-four hours a day and execute your order if the market reaches your desired rate.

  • Select a better rate than the current market rate and view your potential savings.

  • Request us to transact for you once the market reaches your rate.

  • Set and forget, we will monitor twenty - fours a day or you can cancel at anytime.

  • If you have time for your transfer great way to try and capture positive market movements.

  • Be notified in real time once your order is executed.

Manage account information and users

Add users to your account and restrict the permissions to suit your risk profile, update your account details, view all your logins and time on the website and even change the colors or your logged in pages. 

  • Add users and restrict permissions.

  • Update your account details.

  • Change the color scheme to suit your tastes.

  • View history of logins, IP addresses and time spent on the site.

  • Make suggestions, provide feedback or view our help.

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